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It has always been the centerpiece for families to gather and talk about dreams and aspirations as well as celebrate the gifts that we inherently discover while we spend time together. Relationships are built and strengthened as friends and family find themselves in a safe place. Tabellas vision is to extend that table to all in our community and provide a place were family and friends can celebrate life’s events together.

Our Chef


Danny Hernandez

Not only was this because of the passion instilled by his family’s love for the business, but also for the love of creating a meal that pleases his guests. In 2010, Hernandez decided it was time to change the direction of the flavor palette in which he’d grown his family business. After competing in various barbecue competitions throughout his time while expanding Pipo's, Holy Hog Barbecue was born. The transition from Cuban to barbecue was quite natural. He’d been handling pork his entire life, so it was more of an evolution than a complete 180 in flavors. His love and passion for barbecue grew over the years through experimenting with the science behind smoking the meats and the technique that comes along with the practice. Holy Hog now has five locations in the Tampa area, including two inside Amalie Arena. Thriving, and successfully holding on to being a top barbecue joint in Tampa, Hernandez and Holy Hog are invested in the community. Hernandez stresses the importance of being involved with the city, and with that, considers Holy Hog to be Tampa’s hometown smokehouse.

His love for food and passion for cooking barbecue is sure to create a strong (and delicious) reputation for Holy Hog. “We were born here, played here, stayed here, and that’s why if there’s anyone that could represent Tampa well, I’d like to think it’s Holy Hog,” says Hernandez


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