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It has always been the centerpiece for families to gather and talk about dreams and aspirations as well as celebrate the gifts that we inherently discover while spending time together. Relationships are built and strengthened as friends and family find themselves in a safe place. Tabellas vision is to extend that table to all in our community and provide a place where family and friends can celebrate life’s events together.

Our Story

/ ta'bella / 

Togetherness. The meeting place for community, group interaction and celebration.

Bringing people together. Turning moments into unforgettable memories.

The Garcia Family

We are the Garcia family. Our core values are at the center of who we are, we believe in God, hard work and the combination of the two generate success. We are immigrants that were brought to the states by our parents looking for a better life and the American dream. We were given the opportunity to make our dreams come true.

Tabellas was a vision turned reality. Owners Robert and Angela Garcia saw the need for a space to be made where people could gather and share conversations, experiences and create memories. Fast forward and Tabellas is now a beautifully designed venue, with plenty of space to host several events, all with intention of bringing lovely people together.

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